Irish Coffee made with Concannon Irish Whiskey

The Irish Coffee originated in Shannon Airport in Ireland and made it’s American debut at The Buena Vista CafŽe in San Francisco. In 1952 the historic venture to make a flawless Irish Coffee began. CafeŽ owner Jack Koeppler was intrigued by the beverage and didn’t stop until he had perfected the recipe.

Concannon vinter John Concannon was recently at The Buena Vista CafeŽ exploring the Irish Coffee with CafŽe manager Larry Silva. Watch the video to see how they make this famous drink for many happy customers at a time.

Making an Irish coffee is quite easy. Begin with a six ounce preheated glass. Drop in two sugar cubes and pour in a couple ounces of fresh coffee, stirring until the sugar dissolves. Pour in a very generous shot of Concannon Irish Whiskey and top off with a lightly blended cream.


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